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Chiron4's RB38 report

Welcome to my web page!

As the first conquests epic open, I decided to take the plunge and give it a go!
I must say I had a fantastic time playing the epic and look forward to playing more in the future.
Please excuse my crude HTML skills ;)

Game Settings

You can find the game here but if you're too lazy to search through the links, I'll rewrite them here:

Sponsors: Charis and Griselda
Opening date: Monday, January 26
Duration: Four weeks

Civilization: Mayans
Difficulty: Emperor
Map size: Standard, randomly generated
Opponents: Five (no Iroquois)
Land: Pangaea, 70% water
Barbarians: None
Victory: All enabled
Version: Conquests 1.15 beta
Cultural link and Respawn off

Onto the game!
However, I do not wish to win via a cultural victory since I'm no good at that.
Lets go! No use in wasting the precious bonus grassland square so I'll move directly east since it looks less hilly that way.
Research is started on Alphabet at Maximum.

My first move
Founded Salamanca in 3950BC. When Conquests first came out, I thought Agricultural was an amazing attribute and played the mayans a lot. I haven't played the Iroquois much, so the half mayan/half iroquois tribe is founded! With a river and 3 ivory, this promises to be a high commerce start.

The reason for Alphabet is catapults, since Javelin throwers are just expensive archers.

I build 3 warriors, then start a granary.
I wonder if anyone got that awesome flood wheat to the north...

Meet the Netherlands in 3350BC.
Trade Masonry for Alphabet+10g (Alphabet was due in 10)
Dutch are up Bronze Working. Mathematics at maximum rate now.

2800BC: Meet the Chinese.
They are up Wheel, Warrior Code, Bronze Working and I have pottery but pottery is worthless.

2750BC: The Granary completes and I start a pre-build on The Pyramids.

2310BC: My scientists learn Mathematics and I switch to Statue of Zeus.
I decide to trade Mathematics since the AI's will research it soon anyway.
Mathematics for the Wheel/Warrior Code/Ceremonial Burial from the Chinese.
Ceremonial Burial for Bronze Working from the Netherlands.
10% science towards Currency.

That's right, I have 1 regular warrior defending

Mathematics for Iron Working from the Netherlands.

2070BC: One warrior finds Rome! I sell them Ceremonial Burial for 25g.

1870BC: I refused a tribute demand from the Netherlands and they declare war!
They are in a rude surprise since Statue of Zeus is ready in 3 turns.

Mathematics+175g for Horseback Riding from the Romans.
Horseback Riding+5gpt for Writing from the Chinese.
Writing for 160g from the Romans.
Then I meet Cathage :) they are behind Writing and Horseback Riding.

1750BC: Statue of Zeus comes in and I change to Barracks. Also encounter the Germans.
I now have contact with everyone!


Writing for Mysticism+6g from Carthage.

1675BC: 4 Dutch Warriors come into view surrounding Salamanca.
Since I'm greedy, I'll let the barracks finish.

1650BC: 6! warriors are now surrounding Salamanca and I have 1 Regular warrior for defense... This could be bad.

Quirky warrior

1625BC: What happens when you have a Mayan Javelin thrower who want to be an Iroquois Mounted Warrior?
Obviously you get a javelin wielding Mounted Warrior, AKA Ancient Cavalry!

Spearman on a pony!

Next couple of turns, the pony... I mean Ancient Cavalry slaughters some warriors and 2 warriors impales themselves upon the warriors in Salamanca. AC and 1 warrior become Elite.

1550BC: Javelin Thrower completes and takes out the last warrior in sight and enslaves!
This also sets off the golden age!

Golden Enslavement!

1500BC: My elite AC is going to scout the Dutch and do some pillaging. My offensive forces double with an AC and a Javelin Thrower arriving on this turn as well.
Settler is up next to utilize the worker.

1450BC: Javelin Thrower whack's another warrior in the open enslaving him as well! I love you too RNG!

1400BC: I found Niagara Falls. Which is Iroquois/Mayan and part Dutch :D
Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic.

My forces are having minor skirmishes with Dutch forces. Anything with defense 1 is getting hit with Javelin Throwers, anything else is attacked by AC's.

1250BC: Grand River is founded with Dutch slaves!
IBT: Javelin Thrower wins vs a regular archer on defense, promotes and enslaves!

1200BC: vet Jav attacks across a river, into a forest vs reg archer, wins 2-3 and enslaves.

1150BC: Allegheny founded with dutch slaves. I remembered this time!

Enslaved City!

1100BC: Salamanca RIOTS for some reason. I have been getting lazy.
As the war drags on, it seems the Dutch are no match for me. The veteran AC's are just tearing everything apart, nevermind the occasional javelin thrower attack or catapult bombardment.

1075BC: Enidhoven is razed
875BC: Groningen is razed

850BC: I found Cattaraugus on the backs of dutch slaves ;)
Currency comes in! and it's MONOPOLY! say it with me :D
Currency for Polytheism+65g from Germany
Polytheism for Code of Laws+30g from Rome
Polytheism+Currency+30g for Philosophy and Construction from Carthage
Code of Laws+Philosophy for Map Making + 11g from China


Next Stop, the Middle Ages!