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Chiron4's RB38 report in the middle ages

Since the tech pace is rather quick for my tastes, I turn off all research and run 30% lux.

800BC: Cattagarus riots.. I forgot the passing by AC's gave it MP.

775BC: IBT Germany wants tribute. Since our armies are roughly the same, I say nup and he says okie. 750BC: IBT Dutch complete the Pyramids! That'll be my next target after "The Hague". Oh wait... but I can't capture it... fiddlesticks.

710BC: Use two cats to bomb, take out an archer outside the hague Vet Jav vs 1hp archer wins 1-0 and makes a worker! yeehaw!

The Hague is razed. There are two Slaveworkers in the city so I'm going to rename them! It's not too exciting to rename slaves since they're going to be merged into cities... Note to self: All renamed workers are PoW's. Sooo I helped myself to two heroes from the Dutch List - Abel Tasman, Willem Jansz.

630BC: Found oil springs with slave :)

610BC: Rotterdam is razed, and a pic of the mayan/Iro juggernaut. They are the last 3 dutch cities in the pic.

under one jav is 3 cats

530BC: Ultreiht is razed. One worker was inside... I mean Dirck Hartog was inside!

470BC: Arnhem is razed. I capture 2 workers to round out all dutch military heroes!
Henry Hudson, Willem Jantszoon!

410BC: One vet Jav feels especially brave and takes on a reg archer with full HP! He wins and enslaves!
Guess those cats were killing everybody. 370BC: Jav attacks a 2hp spear, kills and enslaves it!
An Elite Jav attacks Amsterdam and comes out with slaves. 310BC: With an overwhelming amount of forces stationed around Amsterdam now...
Amsterdam is razed. As a farewell present, I get some slavesx2. Also get a PoW, William of Orange!

Sorry, My Bad

Average military strength with rome/cathage, strong against China/Germany!
You know what that means don't you? Time to build marketplaces!

250BC: Now it's time for some peaceful settling and building up.

230BC: IBT Rome wants my 85g... They have a much larger military than me and for some reason they fear my warrior... I refuse since it's a lot and they declare war. Oh well, I'll just wait for them to come to me, no sense in me wandering about halfway across the world. 210BC:
870g for Engineering (I didn't write in my notes who I traded with) Engineering+8gpt+470g for Feudalism
I'm behind Monarchy and Republic but that's alright, in 2 turns I'll switch to feudalism ;) and we'll give it a spin since I haven't tried it out yet.

190BC: Found Tonawanda.

170BC: Revolt drawing 5 turn anarchy. After hiring tax collectors I am now in this position, 47g, -2 gpt.

150BC: Mauch Chunk founded.

130BC: St. Regis founded.

90BC: Centralia/Akwesasne founded.
IBT Germany declares on Rome.

70BC: I enter feudalism! My first impression is feudal is very good. :)
But how long do first impressions last?

50BC: Peace with Rome for nothing since we're too far away from each other to do anything. Sorry about the pictures in advance, I didn't find out the zoom button until I accidently tapped it a lot later in this game.

Sorry, My Bad

Sorry, My Bad

Sorry, My Bad

30BC: Everyone has Invention? and no one has Monotheism.

10AD IBT, Rome Completes Great wall, then Carthage complete ToA.

250AD: The only town building the Colossus is Nanking which is a size 3 city, so I'll have Niagara Fall build it.

260AD: Tonwanda riots. :) More building up.

330AD: IBT Rome completes Sun Tzu's.

Ivory+680g for Monotheism from Carthage.
Monotheism for Republic from the Romans.
The tech pace is barely crawling now.. since I have nothing better to do..
190g for Literature from the Germans. Start some libraries.

Feudalism for 339g+wines from the Chinese. IBT: Rome says gimme itam ivory.
I say bite me.
Rome says.. If you insist, and declares war!

370AD: I sign Germany vs Rome for 290g and now it's Rome vs the world.

380AD: Researching Theology in 9 with 1912g -64gpt.

400AD: IBT Colossus completes... is this the latest for a building of the colossus or what?

Go Me!

410AD: Germans complete Great Library. Chinese cascade to ORACLE! ahahah!

440AD: I get Theology but it's old knowledge. Education in 8.

460AD: Forbidden Palace builds in Cattaraugus.

470AD: I just noticed it now but... Nanking belongs to the Romans. I launch an expedition to "liberate the residents of Nanking".

480AD: IBT Rome completes The Hanging Gardens.

500AD: ... just realised... the tech pace hasn't stagnated at all... it's really in OVERDRIVE. Somewhat mysteriously, as my army reaches the town of Nanking.. it has no walls... but the Romans control the great wall, and I checked f7 and it's true, they have the great wall so... that means Romans have METALLURGY at least!
Rome attacks with a vet Med Inf. Treb takes off 1 hp, AC wins 2-3 and makes a great leader!

Gogo Kewl guy!

510AD: Raze Nanking. Reassign Germany vs the Romans for 320g.

Nanking is Razed
Monotheism for Monarchy from the Chinese.
Education for Invention+133g from Carthage. (I think an army of Javs is sufficient to produce slaves.
Education for 230g from the Germans.
Banking in 8.

560AD: Raze Shanghai.
Jav army wins vs med inf on hill and enslaves loses 4hp wins again vs 4/5 med inf on hill and enslaves loses 3hp.

He called me a Baron!

570: IBT Germany extorts 37 from me... I pay up.

580 Banking comes in. Printing Press in 8. Banking for Gunpowder, Chivalry+18g from the Germans.
IBT: Germans get Mausoleum.

610AD: Pisae is Razed.
Random Jav guts a Random Med Inf and get a Random Enslavement!
Reassign Carthage vs the romans for Banking.

630AD: Heroic Epic comes in. Hispalis is razed.
Jav army kills a med inf and loses 5hp then dies to a second one.
2 other Javs attack 1 hp targets and enslave both.

650AD: PP comes in.

660AD: My forces are dwindling fast. Also I spot two Roman knights. I hereby order a full retreat!
Behind the 'Safety' of Carthage of course.
Found Tyendenaga.
IBT: Romans close in on my small escort force and destroy it capturing 3 enslaved workers and 2 hero workers!

670AD: I liberate the 2 PoW's but those 3 get away, oh well.670AD: Found Kahnawake, roman slave
Good News! I am now below unit support! 49/50. Bad news is, I am below unit support. :(
Found Kahnawake.
680AD: Rome founds a city next to my stack of retreating units so I crush it.

Oh well

690AD: Rather than pursue my forces, Rome takes Leptis Minor.
IBT: Carthage and Rome sign peace. Curses you Carthage!

710AD: IBT China and Rome declare peace and miliary alliance with Germany ends.

720AD: I delare peace with Rome and they give me 8g, Woohoo.

730AD: Salamanca riots and I scroll ahead to fix everything. Damn, my people loved the war with Rome for some reason.
Democracy comes in and I get a 4 turn anarchy! Cool!

770AD: Found Oka.
IBT Germany and Rome declare peace.

780AD: The world is now at peace. To celebrate, we turn into a decmocracy. Printing Press+100g for Astronomy from Carthage. Printing Press for Gems from Rome.

830AD: Chemistry is researched. Physics in 7 67/+23gpt.
Democracy for Music Theory/Metallurgy from the Germans.
Rome has had Military Tradition for a while I'm guessing but no Cavalries due to lack of Salt.

900AD: Physics comes in. Time to take the tech lead. ToG in 5 359g/-27gpt
Democracy for Navigation+66g from Carthage.

950AD: Copernicus completes in Niagara Falls (with Colossus) now it's going to try for newtons. However let me kill the suspense by saying the Romans got Newtons and Copernicus changes to a factory.

Yay me!

Saltpeter for Gems+4gpt from the Romans.

990AD: I'm in the Industrial Ages!