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Chiron4's RB38 report in the Industrial Ages

990AD: Set to steam at 79g/+52gpt in 9.
Rome Germany and Carthage are still behind physics and china is really backward.

1010AD: Grand River completes JS Bach's cathedral, Germany cascades to Knights templar.
IBTAD: I'm not the most advanced nation in the world???

I never usually build this wonder really!

1040AD: Rome/Germany have Physics so.. Physics for WM+Free Artistry from Carthage.
Switch Salamanca's pre-build on the Sistine Chapel to Shakespeare's Theatre wasting a few shields.
1050AD: Shakespeare's Theatre builds in Salamanca.

Shake That Theatre!

1060AD: Steam power comes in (--> Industrialization) and theres NO COAL.. ARGHHH. The game laughs at me some more and gives me a 3rd iron deposit.

So... Anyone for Iron?
IBT: Germany completes Sistine Chapel.

1070AD IBT Rome declares on Carthage.

1090AD: IBT Germany build The Great Lighthouse.

1100AD: Carthage is getting eaten alive by the romans... but that's okay, it'll buy me some more research time.

1120AD: Industrialization comes in and I switch lots of towns to factories. Octavian, one of my PoW's, transforms into a coal colony between two chinese borders.

1140AD: IBT German completes Magellans

1180AD IBT: Germany wipe out the chinese.

Bye bye Chinese
Renegotiate Salt to Romans for Gems+Furs.
1230AD: Electricity --> replaceable parts in 8.

1240AD: My coal colony is swallowed by new german borders.
Steam power for Economics/Military Tradition/131g/75gpt/Wines/WM from the Germans
Steam power for 68g/30gpt/WM from the Romans
351g/8gpt/ivory for Coal from the Romans.

1255AD: IBT Rome completes Smiths.

1265AD: Emperor RoP! Not as scary as Deity but still...


1275AD: Replaceable Parts come in and luckily I have rubber.
I also get a scientific Great Leader.

To extend one's grasp

1290AD: Military Academy completes in Salamanca.

1305AD: IBT Rome destroy Carthage.

Nothing exciting happens now, It's just mainly building up... and more building up.

1375AD: Got Sanitation but for some reason, I can't research techs in 4 turns, it always says XXX in (1 turn) but says the same thing the turn after... then I get the tech. It's really strange and it has something to do with the age of science... Oh well, another mystery to ponder for another time.

From now on, due to strong cities and pre-building I get every single wonder I come across now.

Oil is present near my borders, under Roman control of Russadir. 1470AD: Since I need oil, and Rome has stolen my precious Polluted Sugar tile I tell them politely to vacate my lands and they declare war. How rude.

My polluted Sugar!

Jav attacks 1hp cav in the open, wins 3-1 and enslaves! Russadir is Razed.
IBT: Lost a few inf and one of my javs :(

1475AD: Sladae/Calaris/Tingis/Cirta are Razed. They were all on the tip of my part of the continent. Cirta is Near Niagara Falls.

1485AD: Found Chondote on the tip of my island.

1500AD: Since I haven't traded in a while...
Scientific Method for Nationalism+300g from the Germans
As I expected, Germany and Rome have all 3 useless.. I mean no required techs.
Scientific Method for Peace Treaty/Communism/WM/50g from the Romans.
1510AD: ATM I am 7 techs ahead, 5 if you include Facism and Espionage.

1515AD: Germans have a setter pain in my territory, probably going to steal some land I liberated from the Romans but they won't leave and declare war.


1520AD: Hangchow falls to 83 assorted infantry/cavalry/artillery.

1535AD-1555AD: Tsingtao/Macao/Tiensin/Hannover/Bonn are razed.
Whenever possible, I try to attack 1hp Cavs in the open with my last Javelin Thrower.
Attack a 1hp cav in the open with my one jav and he enslaves!
I want to declare peace with Germany so I launch a last ditch effort against Chengdu, I lose a couple cavs and on one of the attacks, I get a GL! yay me!
Declare peace and get Espionage, 592g and WM

I can't see their name, it's obscured by the box!

1560AD: Radio comes in and I'm in the Modern Age 8 techs ahead of Germany/Rome
Not including Facism of course.