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Chiron4's RB38 report in the Modern Era

1565AD: Found Gandasetaigon with german slave in the modern age. I now have my own coal while Rome poaches half of Germany.
With lack of a better thing to do, Eighteen Rabbit rushes a factory in Chondote. I also merge 10 slaves into Gandesetaigon for a head start in life.

1590AD: Tech Status of my rivals: Rome has combustion and Germany does not.

1600AD: Computers --> Fission in 8.

1640AD: Fission comes in and I have 2 uranium. :)

1670AD: Get Nuclear Power and now for Rocketry.
Rome doesn't like the thought of researching atomic theory and now has amphibious warfare??

1690AD: United Nations and Manhattan Project complete.
I am now going to stop making military since I have a lot for 17 cities.
I turn off research to see how much wealth will effect my treasury:
1330, +1165 atm
--> +1681 with 11 cities on wealth
+516gpt difference
1700: Rocketry comes in --> Minaturisation. I have 1 aluminium.

1710AD: DAMMIT, Rome, realising I'm going to try win by SS declares on Germany... If they win this war, they whould have enough land to win by domination.
47% World Area 23%
49% Population 33%
That is not enough to stop domination... I'll have to intervene somehow Trade advisor says Naughty Naughty, you have a deal with Rome lasting 8 more turns...
I could plant a spy to incite war.. but I decide against it, the best I can do at the moment is to order their infantry out of my lands.
If Germany can survive 8 turns, I am going to squash Rome into the ground.

1725AD: Rome has eletronics. 2 more techs and they're in the modern age.

1750AD: Laser comes in.

1756AD: Internet completes in cattaraugus.

1760AD: Robotics comes in. Manufacturing plants for all! Which takes my income and flushes it down the toilet, soo Space Flight in 9.

1766AD: Due to my inattentiveness, I'm not sure when... but Rome are now in the Modern age --> I bet they're dastardly thieves.

1768AD: The war was fought to a stalemate but it seems lack of rubber and Roman tanks are taking their toll on German metropoli.
Fission for Gems/Wines/Facism/Amphibious War/WM/Worker/29gpt/2355g from the Romans. Now I can go 0.100.0

1770AD: Trade AT to the Germans for ~490g.
The top picture is at the start of the war, the bottom one is 68 years later. (I don't remember how many turns)

Soo... about Domination Victory...

1776AD: I try to plant a spy on the Roman and he gets caught and Romans declare WAR! Now that's knocked off two luxs coming in.
I upgrade 51 inf for 3060g and I'm going to bash some heads in.

1776AD: Operation Rescue the world from Roman domination commences:
Arretium, Bonn, Hannover, Gordion fall.

Expeditionary Force

1778AD: Rome picks off many units with it's numberous army and my ww is 14% after 1 turn, not too bad. Guess I have to be much more careful.
Jav Thrower vs 1hp marine wins 1v1 no enslave.
Sabratha, Londinium, Heidelburg fall.
WW is off the charts now. I have to run 50% lux and 0% science and I'm in a deficit. This is getting ugly fast.
1780AD: Agrippina, Carthage, Eburacum, Nora, Bremen Fall.

1782AD: We have an agent in rome! The bulk of the roman army is infantry.

Comparison of Forces.
Dortmund Fall.

1784: Beijing, Gades, Rusicade, Tatung fall. Spot a real roman leader Hadrian! and whack him good!

My navy.

1786: Aurelianorum, Hippo, Leptis Minor fall.

1788AD: I decide this is a wide enough berth to make sure the Romans don't reach domination. before I can launch, so I'll go wealth again. Now to wait until the Romans will talk to me again. Leader Spawns and rushes the ss engine Cadiz, Hippo Regius, Utica fall.
IBT: OMG I've never seen this before, my civ goes into ANARCHY???
I'll have control back in 6 turns?? ARGHH

Seriously... Weak.

1790AD: Oea falls.
Jav Thrower vs 1hp marine wins 0-1 no enslave.

1792AD: Veii, Syracuse fall.

1794AD: Theveste, Byzantium fall.

The fall of the Eastern Roman Empire
At this point, I have so many Roman PoW's, I build a barricade on the tip of my island to serve as a prison and keep them all there... I hope that isn't too dastardly. ;)

1796AD: Seleucia, Antium, Sulcis fall. Spot a roman leader guarded by a tank on the german border. (Maximus)
Kill the vet tank with an elite tank and get a leader! What a trade!
Use him to hurry manufacturing plant in Chondote
IBT: Germany and Rome sign peace.

1798AD: Lutetia falls.

1800AD: Cumae, Lugdunum, Caesarea, Neapolis fall.
Rome is FINALLY willing to talk peace. Just one more turn... I promise not to commit genocide. After all, I think there's still Dutch people in my towns somewhere.

1802AD: We become a Democracy!
Rome, Jerusalem, Virconium, Brundisium fall.
Vet Jav vs 1hp tank wins 0-1 no enslave.
It seems as a farewell present, on my last attack I get a leader. :)
Mercy for 854g/WM from the Romans.

1816AD: Synthetic Fibers --> Superconductor

1834AD: Last turn before I build the last piece of the spaceship

I finally figured out the zoom button.

1836AD: SS Victory!

SS it is