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Chiron4's RB39 report

Please excuse my crude HTML skills ;)

Game Settings

You can find the game here but if you're too lazy to search through the links, I'll rewrite them here:
Sponsor: T-hawk
Opening Date: Monday, March 1st
Duration: Four Weeks
Map Generation: Random, Edited

Civilization: Celts
Difficulty: Emperor
Map Size: Small
Opponents: Five
Land: Continents 30%
Climate: Arid, Flat
Barbarians: Roaming
Rules: Standard
Victory: Any
Version: Conquests 1.15 beta
Cultural link and Respawn off

The report!

Beginning Thoughts.

Without the ability to mine most tiles, unless there are plenty of hills/mountains nearby, all cities will be rather shield poor. Under this assumption, a cultural victory will probably be the toughest unless there are plenty of nearby food bonuses. Diplomatic/Space Races will probably be difficult as well since a shield restriction means less improvements and units. This means, conquest/domination victories will probably be the simplest, (probably domination is easier).
Under despotism, unless there are plenty of plains/flood plains nearby, it would be useless to irrigate lots of tiles. Rather workers can build lots of roads to get useful commerce.
This commerce can be used to purchase/upgrade military instead and what I am going to do for this variant. I am planning to forgo science in favour of a few Gallic Swordsmen.

The plan is to conquer my continent and keep conquering until domination is reached.

4000BC: Open up the save and we can see quite a bit in all directions. Moving the worker south would reveal the most fog so I'll do that. The worker moves south and reveals nothing of interest. I think unless you are going for some wonders, a coastal capital is rather poor. But having fresh water for a captial is critical for a good start. Settler moves south west.

3950BC: Settler moves onto the hill and spots a sugar under the fog. Worker moves north again.

3900BC: Settler moves north and worker moves to the wines.

3850BC: After much useless moving around, I settle Entremont and a worker begins a road on the wines. Of course I check the civopedia to see what sugar does exactly and I realise it's on a totally useless plains so it gives 2/1/2 under despotism and irrigation does not make a difference.

Sugar Goodness!

Due to Shield restrictions in the early game, I shall forgo the granary until after the first settler. However contacts and map information are vitally important to my fledgling civ so I'll order up 3 warriors.
To recap, Build 3 warriors then a settler. Minimum science on Bronze Working is ordered.

3000BC: I meet the Egyptians and they are up BronzeWorking and Masonry.

2850BC: Spot a Carthigan Warrior. They are up Alphabet and Warrior code on Egypt.

2750BC: Settler --> Granary

2670BC: I found Alesia in the middle of some flood plains. The role of Alesia is to whip out settlers.

2590BC: I decide to buy Bronze Working off Carthage for 50g. Begin Minimum science toward Iron Working.

2110BC: In a strategic oversight, There are two forest barely outside the borders of Entremont so they couldn't assist in the granary's contruction. Nevertheless, the granary completes and gets ready for settler production.

1950BC: Found Lugdunum.

1700BC: Found Camulodunum. And an update.

Workers Rock!

1500BC: Richborough is founded. One turn later, Alesia is struck by disease.

1325BC: IBT Carthage builds the Pyramids. I believe the Carthigans used a scientific great leader to snag the wonder. English cascade and build Colossus. More construction of cities occurs.

1025BC: Iron working comes in at minimum science. The despicable Carthigans have built a city near the iron!

900BC: I have connected iron to my cities using a colony and I upgrade 6 warriors into Gallic Swordsmen for a cool 540g.

The greatness of Celtland!

800BC: This year marks two great events for the Celts. Agedincum is founded next to a goody hut and I get the wheel! Yay me! Since the Celts now have access to shiny iron weapons they wish to use them! War is declared upon Carthage. One swordsmen whacks a warrior settler pair and sets off a golden age. One swordsmen defeats the Mercenary defending Rusicade and razes it.


730BC: The above pic was taken in 750BC. Since I am getting drunk on my own sense of power... who need weed anyway when I have sugar! I declare war upon Egypt. Byblos is razed by the awesome force of 10 gallic swordsmen.

690BC: Peace + ?gpt to Carthage for Masonry and Writing. (My bad. I forgot to write down how much gpt I gave Carthage)

650BC: Stack of death captures Alexandria, 2 wins 2 retreats. Time to quit while I'm ahead.
Peace for warrior code, mysticism, mathematics and map making.
Set Minimum Science on currency. I am still behind Polytheism, Monarchy and Philosophy.
My awesome army consists of 12 gallics, 4 warriors, 6 workers and 2 settlers. Peaceful expansion recommences.

Gallic Swordsmen Rule!

390BC: Meet the English and Rome using a galley. They are super advanced. (Middle Ages)
IBT: Golden Age ends.

350BC: Forbidden Palace completes in Lugdunum. I would make a pic, but you all know what the forbidden palace looks like. ;)

290BC: IBT Carthage want a new peace treaty. I refuse causing me to recommence our war.

270BC: Since my forces were itching for a war, they have being hanging around the Carthigan border. Oea and Leptis Minor are taken. One Gallic sword perished in the assaults.

OeaLeptis Minor
In the left picture, the Egypt "SoD" is 3 settlers, 2 workers, 2 spearmen and a War chariot.

250BC: IBT The following wonders fall: (The oracle was built a while ago) Carthage completes Temple of Artemis.
English cascade to Great Library. (1 turn later the English get the Mausoleum)
Romans get the Hanging Gardens.
Portugese get the Statue of Zeus.

210BC: Capture Leptis Magna. IBT Carthage complete Great Lighthouse.

170BC: My forces are overextended, however 9 gallics can bash on the walls of Carthage itself this turn.
One last ditch effort... one Elite dies, 2 vets retreat and 4 Numidian Mercenaries perish. Carthage, which contains the Pyramids and the Temple of Artemis belong to the Celts!
220g to England for Polytheism.
Peace with Carthage + 370g for Code of Laws, Philiosophy, Horseback Riding, Construction, Monarchy. REVOLT!

130BC: The Celts are a Monarchy!



70BC: Being the evil Celtic person that I am, I declare war on Egypt! Giza is easily taken losing 1 Gallic. I also capture 6! workers from 3 settlers Egypt was storing in there. It appears I am the only civilization with Iron? I guess this is going to be a lot easier than I thought. Without Swordsmen/Medieval Infantry and more importantly Pikemen/Knights it should be a walk in the park with my strong gallic swords. But then again, I am getting ahead of myself.

30BC: I take Memphis but I lost 2 gallics and 3 retreat. It appears despite Egypts inferior units (I've seen nothing but mainly archers, spearmen and 1 war chariot) the terrain is all jungle so I cannot maneuver effectively unlike when I was fighting Carthage.

10BC: I find Portugal and that's full contact! And I still am the only civilization to have access to iron. On a side note, Egypt lose Heliopolis to the Celts.

30AD: Pi-Ramesses is captured.

50AD: The Egyptians recoil in horror from the Celtic hordes and attempt to build a really big wall in Thebes to stop the onslaught!

That's one BIG wall!

Of course 2 regular spearmen cannot stop that many crazed swordsmen no matter the size of the wall.

90AD: Elephantine is captured. The Egyptians have 1 city left. I send a galley over there and I spot Egypt's last wall! The great english settler pair wall!

The ultimate wall

170AD: The english do something funky and disbank their settler pair. ?? However Hierconpolis will not fall for a while due to lack of gallic swords in the immediate vicinity. (Only 3)

210AD: IBT The peace treaty with the Carthigans expire and a state of war is reannounced.

230AD: Gallic swordsmen pour over the border eager for blood. Hippo is the first to fall. In 250AD Sabratha and Theveste fall to the Celts. The celts now have control over the Great Lighthouse in Theveste! This turned out be critical when invading the other continent since I could reinforce my armies faster and move my units around more effectively. For my vastly undermanned and underdefended nation, logistics is critical to all my army efforts.
Since a trade route is now open, I trade Wines + 100g to Portugal for Currency and I'm the Middle Ages!