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Chiron4's RB39 report in the middle ages

Alright! I've finally hit the middle ages in 250AD. As expected, everyone except Egypt is up all the 1st tier middle age techs. I knock lux up to 10% since most of the Carthigan cities are very sad.

260AD: What better way to enter the middle ages than to boot out a civilization? Here, Egypt is the target and out they go!


270AD: Carthage's new capital Utica is taken by my hordes and they are expelled from the continent! It's now all mine, my precious...

Now it's just a matter of how fast I can ferry my forces to the few islands that Carthage has managed to claim. Cirta is taken in 350AD.
Hadrumetum is taken in 370AD.

360AD: I take back Heliopolis. My policy of no defense in all cities isn't exactly foolproof. :) The 1 NuMe dropped off by a galley is executed with extreme prejudice.

Mine all mine

400AD: The best English unit is the musketman. :(
The best Roman unit is the longbowman.
The best Portugese unit is the Archer. They have Ancient Cavalry but this is their strongest unit??

420AD: The Carthigan stronghold of Nora is captured and Rusaddir is destroyed, making Carthage but a distant memory.

Carthage goes away.

440AD: IBT wines deal is cancelled.

460AD: Portugese and English have muskets but Rome does not. IBT: Rome starts Copernicus.
My forces are in a great spot to begin an immediate invasion of Portugal. I know my army is 'stronger' than the Portugese but how much stronger I cannot say. I pay for an investigation in the capital and spot 9 Ancient Cavlaries and a few muskets. I guess my target is Rome then!
500AD: Declare war on Rome! (Since they're the 'weakest') Rome has access to Horses as their only strategic resource. Our armies are roughly the same size, however the Romans are using inferior weaponry. Longbowmen and Spearmen are no match for Gallic swords in my opinion. Rome have a few (maybe 3) horsies around but there are not enough to make a dent in my armies.
The initial surprise landings go well and I land 12 Gallic Swordsmen near Neapolis and 12 Gallic swords near Virconium.


510AD: Capture Virconium and Neapolis with no losses. I now have control of Rome's only ivory. The plan is to sit back, gas Rome trying to attack Neapolis then counter.

550AD: With the aid of more reinforcements in the north, Cumae falls to the celts.

560AD: A dark day for the celts in the south as 2 roman spearmen slaughter 6 celtic infantry. This shall be forever remembered in history as the city represents the iron will of the Romans. They call it Hispalis.

580AD: Rome is crumbling under the might of the celtic hordes as more reinforcements pour in from the north. This time Veii falls to the Celts and healthy Celts seek to beat down the gates of Rome itself!

610AD: The campaign in the north is going exceedingly well, and I pop a leader in the attack on Rome! It killed the last spearman in Rome and takes it! Vercingetorix becomes an army and I shove 3 4/5 elites into it. :) With it's large pool of movement left, the army crushes the single regular spear in pompeii and liberates it as well.

620AD: IBT Rome flips back taking roughly 5 gallics with it. (Just a guess, could be more)

630AD: I take Rome back. My army takes Pisae. On an attack on Anitum, I pop a second leader! yay me! This guy also captures the capital and makes a leader at the same time.

Rome beatdown

640AD: This is kind of irritating... As antium flips back to the Romans taking 5+ Gallics with it. (Again I'm not too sure how many were in there) but afterwards, I was really hurting to find gallics to attack the Roman settlements. Funny thing is, I have the most culture out of all the civilizations too, but not by much. :) IBT: Portugese complete Sun Tzu.

650AD: Regardless of that huge setback, my army goes and captures Ravenna. Oh yeah, a status update of Hispalis.
All attacks on Hispalis is are cruel failures... Now there are a total of 16 redlined swordsmen outside the roman capital and 1 4/4 vet, not to mention all the dead swordsmen. I swear one day Hispalis shall belong to the Celts!

680AD: IBT English complete Sistine Chapel. (I bet you were wondering what the Portugese and the English were up to huh? Me too.

700AD: 15 Gallic swords are gathered around Hispalis for one last attack on the Roman citadel. (All fully healed) 2 Gallics perished, 5 spears and 1 longbow were slaughtered and Rome was finished. I'm pretty sure you all know what a dead civilization looks like so I'll skip the tedious pic. ;)
Domination victory has a 66/66 land area/population requirement. I am at 60/72 at the moment.
After my long lost forces recouperate, I am going to take the war to England and hopefully I can sign up the Portugese alongside me. I might be "stronger" according to the military adviser, but they have knights and muskets. The portugese may not have knights but they have a huge stack of AC's which hopefully can work to my advantage.

720AD: Since I've done it in the past, I'll do it again.... I declare war on England! Hopefully this will be my last one. My strategy is to defend Hispalis for a little while, wait until england gets gassed, either by me or Portugal. In the meantime, my armies in the north are cutting a path through england to Hispalis. When the two forces intersect, I'll go after the core cities.
For a measily 150g, I sign the Portugese as my ally vs the English.

740AD: Capture Canterbury. It wasn't defended by a musket so I sent 10 gallics to liberate it. 24 gallics remain in Hispalis. One of my armies captures Oxford. I finally spot english iron! I send my two armies over there to capture Hastings at all costs.
It would seem I have overestimated the english, I am going to dispatch my gallic swordsmen to capture more outlying villages.

Weak English

750AD: One army slaughters a regular musketman and spearman then takes Hastings. IBT: Portugese complete the knights templar

760AD: Capture Warwick, York. Since I'm so close to victory, I'll send a last ditch assault against Nottingham, size 12 defended by muskets. Surprisingly, I only lose 2 gallics, and kill 2 muskets and 2 spears. Save the game because I have a feeling something cool is going to happen next turn ;)

770AD: And theres the money shot!

Domination victory in 770AD! And a final look at the lovely Celtic nation it took 4770 years to build. >_>

Domination win 770AD

Victory Screen

Homeland of the Celts

Egyptian/Carthigan Holdings

Roman Holdings

English Holdings


I also noted The portugese have Navigation, for how long I have no idea. (noticed since I could trade maps after domination)
So when I won, I have down the following techs:
The Republic
Music Theory

Possible Techs I was down, difficult to confirm
Printing Press

Long shots
Military Tradition

Being conservative, I has down 13 techs when I won, possibly 20 techs in the extreme case (I figured the computer highly prizes wonders so it could be an indication on what techs they were researching)

So it goes to show, you don't need a fabulous tech lead to win the game.
Iron is the lifeblood of the AI.
Gallic Swordsmen are teh bomb.
Wasting 3 turns early on for sugar isn't the end of the world.
Medieval Cities look much better than Ancient age ones.
Taking wonders off other civs is teh fun.
The great lighthouse is extremely good for warring on continents/pelago.
The great library is overrated. Hence technology is overrated. What good is Chivalry if you build 1 knight? (In England's case)
ToA is awesome if you manage to slow the tech rate by lots of warring. I built a few temples at the start then I captured the ToA and had the highest culture all game... or this could just be Emperor..
I had access to temple as my only cultural improvement and I had the highest culture at the end.
Defending your cities is overrated (!)
Not defending your cities is overrated (!) (curse that 1 Numidian Mercenary that captured Heliopolis from me)
Cash Rushing >>> Pop Rushing any day of the week
Building cities close together looks messy
Building cities far away is wasteful
MM cities not to use captured mines is a pain in the butt.

RBCiv games are really fun!

So this is me saying thank you for taking the time to read my rather lengthy report. :)